Our Services

We innovate and perform the most up-to-date technology for vision problems, delivering the highest quality eye care in the most efficient, cost-effective way, including comprehensive eye examination, vision analysis, and provide the most appropriate vision correction.

Eye conditions, such as corneal infection, cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, retinopathy, and neurological condition with ocular manifestation etc, which require further evaluation and treatment will be referred to the appropriate specialist.

Specialise in contact lenses that are available in the market today, including Conventional, Disposable, Multifocal and Myopic Control contact lenses.

We also specialise in ophthalmic optics, therefore will advise you the best optical lens type for your specific vision, working, protective and recreational requirements, such as conventional single vision lenses, Bifocals & Progressive power lenses, Transition or Photochromic lenses, Safety, Ultra-violet and blue-light protective lenses.

We understand that every individual has different unique visual needs and management thresholds, hence we will advise the best option for you based on the clinical examination and your needs.


Eyewear is cosmetically an article of personal fashion. We make available to you the latest in frame and lens technology to ensure your satisfaction. With hundreds of distinctive styles from which to choose, tailoring each pair of frame and lens to your own style. We will help you learn more about spectacle frames and assist you in choosing the best frames that match the anatomy of your head and face for best optical function and comfort.

Human facial configuration is not just a plane of different shapes when selecting a spectacle frame. Proper frame selection requires the knowledge of: 

  • Facial shape and size. 
  • Width of head.
  • Height and width of bridge. 
  • Bridge level in relation to eye level. 
  • Ear level in relation to eye level. 
  • The protrusion of cheeks and the upper orbital margins (where eyebrows situated). 
  • The adjustability of frame material.
  • Your desired look. 
  • Your optical prescription. 

Besides proper frame selection, the deliberately selected frame needs to be professionally adjusted for perfect fit.