Spectacles for Presbyopia

If you have perfect unaided distance vision or perfect corrected distance vision, when you reach about the age forty years, you will very likely lost some degrees of eye’s ability to focus on near object clearly and comfortably, this condition is called Presbyopia.

Single vision spectacles prescribed for only reading purposes can solve this problem. However, for many others this reading only spectacle, which cannot be used for seeing distance and walking around in the office or at home, is very inconvenience for regular uses.

Bifocal spectacles have distinctive line dividing the upper segment for distance purposes and the lower segment for near visual tasks.

They allow the wearers to see distance and near objects with the same spectacle.

The following disadvantages are the leading causes of the bifocal spectacles for not being commonly accepted by the wearers:

  • the visible dividing line tells the age of wearer,

  • wearer constantly aware of the line in their field of view,

  • objects appear to “jump” when seeing from upper toward the lower segments,

  • no intermediate vision in between the distance and near.

Progressive power spectacles provide undisrupted clear vision at all distances

Progressive power lenses are designed so that a smooth, continuous and seamless progression of lens power changes vertically, from upper distance portion down to the lower intermediate and close up portion, providing undisrupted clear vision at all distances, and eliminated all the main disadvantages of bifocals.

The multi-function progressive power spectacles are the most commonly used by Presbyopes, whether for occasional or as constant visual needs.


Majority of first time progressive power spectacle wearers take just a week or so to get use to the mild peripheral blurriness and “swing or floating” feeling with the standard progressive power lenses made by the well established manufacturers.

For some others requiring higher performance progressive power spectacles and those previously “failed to adapt” to the standard progressive power wearers, the advanced digital wave-front technology produced premium progressive power lenses, offer a wider field of vision, minimised unpleasant swim and sway effects, allowing for natural head posture and comfort.


As every individual has different unique visual needs and management thresholds, hence we will advice the best option for you based on the clinical examination and your needs.


It is much easier and need shorter time to adapt to the progressive power spectacles for younger middle age due to the built-in mild reading-addition power, and this also pave a comfortable route for the progressively stronger built-in reading-addition powers as age advancing. However, optimum functions of progressive power spectacles required the optometrists to have years of clinical skills and experiences in prescribing and fitting of this multi-task vision correction.